Welcome prospective and interested students! Why TI? TI offers unique benefits. The links on your left will tell you in more detail about the 6 most convincing reasons to join TI.

1. Top faculty at a leading graduate school

The best economists from the three participating universities are affiliated to TI as research fellows.

2. Unique graduate program in economics, econometrics and finance 

TI offers a rigorous two-year research master program (MPhil) in economics, econometrics and finance as a preparation for three-year PhD positions offered by three renowned faculties of economics in the Netherlands.

3. Excellent career prospects and job placement services

Ask any of TI’s over 600 PhD alumni, and they will tell you that a degree from Tinbergen Institute opens the doors of opportunity.

4. Scholarships and financial assistance

TI runs its own generous scholarship program for MPhil students. Teaching Assistantships are offered in the second year. Fully paid PhD positions available after the MPhil.

5. International student body

Studying at TI is an international experience. In your class you will meet students from all continents.

6. Exciting locations: Amsterdam and Rotterdam

Both Amsterdam and Rotterdam have a lot to offer. TI has two locations, in Rotterdam and Amsterdam with an excellent office staff at your service.