All regular TI courses are taught in blocks of eight weeks, with lectures during the first six (core courses) or seven weeks (field courses); the eighth week of each block typically serves as an exam week. In addition, first-year (core) courses have weekly one-hour classes, taught by a teaching assistant, in which students work on and discuss homework assignments.

The calendar for 2017-2018 is:

Block I Sep 4–Oct 20 Lectures
October 23-27 Exams
Block II Oct 30-Dec 15 Lectures
Dec 18-22 Exams
Dec 25-Jan 5 Christmas Holidays
Block III Jan 8-Feb 23 Lectures
Feb 26-Mar 2 Exams
Block IV Mar 5-Apr 20 Lectures
Apr 23-27 Exams
 Block V Apr 30-May 4 Spring Break
May 7-July 13 Lectures and Exams