Composition of Boards and Councils
Board of Directors: Eric Bartelsman is the general Director.  Andreas Pick Director of Graduate Studies.

The institute’s Supervisory Board consists of five members appointed by the departments participating in the institute.

The Educational Board oversees the MPhil program and gives advice on all matters concerning the educational program.

TI’s Admission Board is in charge of MPhil student admissions and the allocation of MPhil scholarships.

The Examination Board’s official task is guarding the level and standard of the programme (examination). Also the Examination board  has the right to grant exemptions (and other adaptations of the curriculum) to individual students.

The Job Placement Committee supports students entering the international job market.

The Students’ Council is an independent student body that informs and advises graduate students and organizes various social and professional events.

The Research Council comprises the leaders of the TI research programs.