This year the 13th Tinbergen Institute Conference will be held on International Trade and Development at the Tinbergen Institute in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

The TI conference is held every year but on different topics (see The atmosphere is informal and lively, characterized by significant audience participation.

The conference will begin on Thursday June 21 at 12am and ends on Saturday June 23 at noon. We anticipate having a mix of plenary presentations by invited speakers (see below) and four double parallel sessions with contributed papers. Each session will be 45 minutes (including discussion).


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PROGRAM (draft June 21)

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Robin Burgess (London School of Economics, United Kingdom)
Famine and Trade


Dave Donaldson (MIT, United States)
External Economies of Scale and Industrial Policy: A View from Trade

Invited Speakers in alphabetical order:
Speakers Parallel sessions in alphabetical order:
    • Jan David Bakker (University of Oxford, United Kingdom)
      International Trade and Regional Inequality
    • Quy-Toan Do (World Bank, United States)
      Anti-Globalization Cycles
    • Matteo Fiorini (European University Institute, Italy)
      Input tariffs, Roads and Firm Performance: Evidence from Ethiopia
    • Laura Hering (Erasmus University Rotterdam)
      Looking for the bright side of the China Syndrome: Rising export opportunities and life satisfaction in China
    • Cong Peng (London School of Economics, United Kingdom)
      Colonial legacies: Shaping African cities
    • Bob Rijkers (World Bank, United States)
      Collusion in Customs: Evidence from Madagascar
    • James Sayre (UC Berkeley, United States)
      Commodity Trade Matters
    • Adam Storeygard (Tufts University, United States). Plenary session
      Mobility and congestion in urban India
    • Marcel Timmer (University of Groningen)
      Development in Task Space: What You Do in Exports Matters
    • Pierre-Louis Vezina (King’s College London, United Kingdom)
      Resource Discoveries and FDI Bonanzas: An Illustration from Mozambique
    • Ariel Weinberger (University of Oklahoma, United States)
      Openness and Factor Shares: Is Globalization Always Bad for Labor?