Please note: the links below refer to the 2017-2018 course guide.


TI1710 Microeconomics I (Individual Decision Making and General Equilibrium)

TI1711 Microeconomics II (Game Theory)

TI1712 Microeconomics III (Information and Contract Theory)

TI1713 Microeconomics IV (Behavioral Economics)

TI1714 Macroeconomics I (Stochastic Neoclassical Growth Models)

TI1715 Macroeconomics II (Macroeconomic Policy)

TI1716 Macroeconomics III (Frictions and Resource Allocation)

TI1717 Macroeconomics IV (Financial Frictions in Macroeconomics)

TI1709 Mathematics

TI1707 Statistics

TI1701 Econometrics I

TI1702 Econometrics II

TI1703 Econometrics III

TI143 Principles of Programming in Econometrics