# 11-083/1 (2011-05-19)

Jeroen Hinloopen, University of Amsterdam
Sample p-p plot, EDF test, finite sample distribution, limiting distribution
JEL codes:
C12, C14, C46

We derive the exact finite sample distribution of the L1-version ofthe Fisz-Cramér-von Mises test statistic (L1-FCvM). We first characterizethe set of all distinct sample p-p plots for two balanced sampleof size n absent ties. Next, we order this set according to the correspondingvalue of L1-FCvM. Finally, we link these values to theprobabilities that the underlying p-p plots emerge. Comparing the finitesample distribution with the (known) limiting distribution showsthat the latter can always be used for hypothesis testing: although forfinite samples the critical percentiles of the limiting distribution differfrom the exact values, this will not lead to differences in the rejectionof the underlying hypothesis.