# 11-089/1 (2011-06-11)

Rene van den Brink, VU University Amsterdam; Anna Khmelnitskaya, Saint-Petersburg State University; Gerard van der Laan, VU University Amsterdam
TU game, coalition structure, communication graph, Owen value, Myerson value
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This discussion paper resulted in a publication in the 'Annals of Operations Research', 2015, DOI: 10.1007/s10479-015-1808-6.

We introduce an Owen-type value for games with two-level communication structures, being structures where the players are partitioned into a coalition structure such that there exists restricted communication between as well as within the a priori unions of the coalition structure. Both types of communication restrictions are modeled by an undirected communication graph, so there is a communication graph between the unions of the coalition structure as well as a communication graph on the players in every union. We also show that, for particular two-level communication structures, the Owen value and the Aumann-Dreze value for games with coalition structures, the Myerson value for communication graph games and the equal surplus division solution appear as special cases of this new value.