# 12-111/IV/DSF43 (2012-10-24)

Dirk Schoenmaker, Duisenberg School of Finance, VU University Amsterdam; Arjen Siegmann, VU University Amsterdam
Financial Stability, Public Good, International Monetary Arrangements, International
JEL codes:
F33, G28, H41

Cross‐border banking needs cross‐border recapitalisation mechanisms. Each mechanism, however, suffers from the financial trilemma, which is that cross‐border banking, national financial autonomy and financial stability are incompatible. In this paper, we study the efficiency of different burden sharing agreements for the recapitalisation of the 30 largest banks in Europe. We consider bank bailouts for these banks in a simulation framework with stochastic country‐specific bailout benefits. Among the burden sharing rules, we find that the majority and qualified‐majority voting rules come close to the efficiency of a bailout mechanism with a supranational authority. Even a unanimous voting rule works better than home‐country bailouts, which are very inefficient.