# 13-159/VIII (2013-10-10)

Trond G. Husby, VU University Amsterdam; Henri L.F. de Groot, VU University Amsterdam; Marjan W. Hofkes, VU University Amsterdam; Martijn I. Dröes, VU University Amsterdam
regional population dynamics, natural disasters, flood risk management
JEL codes:
H12, J10, N34, Q54, R23

This study investigates the short- and long-run impact on population dynamics of the major flood in the Netherlands in 1953. A dynamic difference-in-differences analysis reveals that the flood had an immediate negative impact on population growth, but limited long term effects. In contrast, the resulting flood protection programme (Deltaworks), had a persisting positive effect on population growth. As a result, there has been an increase in population in flood prone areas.

This discussion paper led to a publication in Journal of Regional Science.