# 13-195/VIII (2013-12-09; 2014-01-29)

Karima Kourtit, VU University Amsterdam; Jan Möhlmann, VU University Amsterdam; Peter Nijkamp, VU University Amsterdam; Jan Rouwendal, VU University Amsterdam
creative industries, cultural heritage, cultural industry
JEL codes:
R1, R12

This paper aims to investigate whether the spatial pattern of creative industries in the
Netherlands has a relationship with the presence of cultural heritage or, in a more general
sense, cultural capital. It first shows how the creative sector developed between 1994 – 2009
in relation to other Dutch sectors. Additionally, it analyses the urban dimension of the creative
industry by focussing on the four large urban agglomerations in the Netherlands. And finally,
it addresses the question whether a relationship exists between the share of the creative
industry and the stock of cultural heritage at the level of municipalities. The results show a
positive correlation between local cultural heritage and the presence of the creative industry at
the municipality level.