# 17-073/VII (2017-08-03)

Adriaan (A.R.) Soetevent, University of Groningen, The Netherlands; Tinbergen Institute, The Netherlands; Gert-Jan Romensen, University of Groningen, The Netherlands;
peer comparisons, coaching, worker motivation, fuel conservation
JEL codes:
D2, M5, Q5

How to engage workers in conservation efforts when the company pays the bill? In a field experiment with 409 bus drivers, we investigate the potential of targeted peer-comparison feedback and on-the-road coaching. Drivers receive individualized reports with peer-comparison messages on multiple driving dimensions. In addition, coaches quasi randomly provide drivers with in person coaching moments on the bus. Based on 800,000 trip-level observations, we find that the targeted peer-comparison treatments do not improve driving. On-the-road coaching significantly improves driving on multiple dimensions but only temporarily. Further analysis reveals negative interaction effects between the two programs.