# 18-011/III (2018-02-03)

Chia-Lin Chang, National Chung Hsing University; Michael McALeer, Asia University; University of Sydney Business School; Erasmus University; Wing-Keung Wong, Asia University; China Medical University Hospital; Lingnan University
Big Data, Computational science, Economics, Finance, Management, Theoretical models, Econometric and statistical models, Applications.
JEL codes:
A10, G00, G31, O32

The paper provides a review of the literature that connects Big Data, Computational Science, Economics, Finance, Marketing, Management, and Psychology, and discusses some research that is related to the seven disciplines. Academics could develop theoretical models and subsequent econometric and statistical models to estimate the parameters in the associated models, as well as conduct simulation to examine whether the estimators in their theories on estimation and hypothesis testing have good size and high power. Thereafter, academics and practitioners could apply theory to analyse some interesting issues in the seven disciplines and cognate areas.