# 18-020/III (2018-03-07)

David E. Allen, University of Sydney, Asia University, Edith Cowan University; Michael McAleer, Asia University, University of Sydney Business School, Yokohama National University; David M. Reid, Seattle University
Sentiment Analysis, Polarity, Bootstrapped t tests, Sign tests,
JEL codes:
A1, C88, C44, Z0

State of the Union Addresses (SOUA) by two recent US Presidents, President Obama (2016) and President Trump (2018), and a series of recent of tweets by President Trump, are analysed by means of the data mining technique, sentiment analysis. The intention is to explore the contents and sentiments of the messages contained, the degree to which they differ, and their potential implications for the national mood and state of the economy. President Trump's 2018 SOUA and his sample tweets are identified as being more positive in sentiment than President Obama's 2016 SOUA. This is confirmed by bootstrapped t tests and non-parametric sign tests on components of the respective sentiment scores. The issue of whether overly positive pronouncements amount to self-promotion, rather than intrinsic merit or sentiment, is a topic for future research.