There is an ATM at the conference venue.

Payments in the Netherlands

In the Netherlands, payment is usually made in cash with euros or by debit card (pinpas). Many places, including hotels, restaurants and bars accept credit cards (not always American Express), though most supermarkets only accept cash or debit cards. Cheques are not commonly used in the Netherlands.




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Bus and tram by GVB (main operator public transport Amsterdam)

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Shuttle Service Schipol Airport – Hotel

€ 17 for a single ticket. Please find more information and order service here.


Uber is legal in the Netherlands and available at Schiphol airport and in the city.


Abel (you need to download the app)

Taxi Company Amsterdam: +31(0)20-77777

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Public Transport in the Netherlands:  also available as an app.

Tickets Public Transport

Amsterdam Travel Ticket

This ticket includes a 2nd class return ticket to and from Schiphol Amsterdam Airport by NS train, to any station in Amsterdam. Combined with unlimited travel on all trams, buses, night buses, metros and ferries operated by GVB. The Amsterdam Travel Ticket also includes a handy map of Amsterdam, showing all the highlights of the city.

Costs: 1-day travel: €16, 2-days travel: €21 and 3-day travel: €26. Read more and buy here. You can also buy this ticket on Amsterdam Schiphol Airport or Amsterdam Central Station.

OV-chip card

There are 3 types of OV-chipkaart disposable (one-time use tickets for a certain period; 1 hour, day ticket or multi-day ticket), anonymous (best for visitors who will travel a lot) and personal (residents only).
• Anonymous and personal cards (empty) cost non-refundable €7.50, last up to 5 years.
• Passengers must check-in and check-out of every journey using card readers.
• Minimum card balance of €4 (public transport) and €20 (train) – taken off as a deposit on check-in.
• Correct fare deducted on check-out, deposit is refunded.
• Every traveller aged 4 or higher must have their own OV-chip card.

The disposable card is a practical choice. It can be bought at Schiphol airport, at (bus) stations and at the hotel. After usage, the card cannot be reloaded and can be thrown away. It provides you with unlimited travel through Amsterdam – day or night – by bus, tram and metro for exactly the number of hours that suits you the best. In case you are staying for a longer period then we advise you to buy an anonymous OV-chip card. This card costs €7,50, but can be reloaded and you only pay for the distance you traveled, which is mostly less than if you would use a disposable card.

Click HERE for more information about public transport.

Things to do in Amsterdam