The Examination Board consists of representatives of the three TI departments and the Director of Graduate Studies. The responsibilities and tasks of the Examination Board are explained in the Academic and Examination Regulations.

There are two reasons why a student may contact the Examination Board:

1. The Examination Board decides on deviations from the curriculum that may have a bearing on the diploma. Therefore, any request for replacement of parts of the curriculum through education provided by third parties, exemptions, postponement of deadlines, etcetera, should be sent to the Examination Board.

2. Students should try to settle disputes about examinations with the lecturer first, and contact the Director of Graduate Studies if the dispute remains. Students may submit disputes that cannot be solved this way to the Examination Board for arbitration.

In both cases an email to suffices.

Reversely, the Examination Board will provide the student with formal study advice and may take measures agaist a student in the case of fraud or misbehavior. Appeals agaist such decisions should be sent in writing to the Examination Board.