Under certain conditions and subject to approval by the Director of Graduate Studies, individuals not affiliated to Tinbergen Institute or one of its partners are allowed to attend MPhil courses. External applicants will only be admitted if they meet some equivalent of the TI course entrance criteria. Capacity restrictions apply to all courses, and are particularly relevant for core courses. More detailed information can be found in the Program Brochure.

Prospective external participants should register for courses using the online registration form for external students, and follow further instructions provided there (which may include instructions to submit a CV and a transcript of relevant earlier coursework, with grades). Deadline for registration is two weeks before the start of the block in which the course is scheduled. Please note: registration deadline for block III courses is December 15, 2018.

The costs are € 1,500 for a core course (one block of eight weeks including one exam week) and € 1,250 for a field course (one block of eight weeks including one exam week).

PhD students and Research Master students affiliated to one of the partners of Tinbergen Institute are allowed to attend courses from TI’s MPhil program. They should register for all courses they would like to attend by means of the course registration form for PhD students. TI partners are: School of Business and Econonomics (VU University), Faculty of Economics and Business (University of Amsterdam), Erasmus School of Economics (Erasmus University) and Rotterdam School of Management (Erasmus University).

For more information about the course program, please contact courses@tinbergen.nl