• When are the application deadlines?

    • Priority deadline: February 1
    • Rolling admission for non-EEA nationals, until April 1
    • Rolling admission for EEA nationals, until May 1 (or earlier if full capacity has been reached)

    Dutch students who wish to apply after the May 1 deadline, please contact the admissions office.

  • Do I have to wait for the official test score reports before I can complete my application file?

    Without GRE and Toefl/IELTS test scores your file is not complete. In case your official test score report has not arrived yet, you may upload a screen shot of the ETS page that shows your GRE or Toefl scores.

  • Does TI charge a fee for this application?

    Yes, the application fee is $ 50 (non-refundable). Applicants from countries on the OECD DAC list pay a reduced application fee ($ 10, non-refundable) Payment is by credit card only.


  • How do I complete my application package?

    TI requests to upload the following document:

    • GRE score report;
    • TOEFL or IELTS test results if applicable;
    • Curriculum vitae;
    • Certified transcripts of coursework or copies of diplomas of bachelor and master programs. Certified English translations should be uploaded of transcripts and diplomas that are not in Dutch or English;
    • Statement of Academic Interests and Purpose of Study, including (short) research proposal;
    • Writing sample (optional)

    You will also need to provide names and email addresses of two individuals who are prepared to act as references.

    Incomplete files will not be considered.

    GRE and Toefl/IELTS scores must meet TI’s minimum requirements.

    Go to How to apply or Supporting material

  • Do I need to upload my files in one session?

    It is possible to fill out the application form and upload your documents in multiple sessions. Do not forget to save before you close the form. Once you have submitted, you can no longer make any changes. Contact the admissions officer in case you would like to make changes.

  • How do I find out whether my application is complete?

    You can use ‘Review Application’ at the end of your application form in Embark to check if you have answered all the required questions and uploaded the required documents. We advise you to double check your entire application for completeness. Also make sure to remind your referees to submit their reference letters on your behalf before the admission deadline. You can check the status of your recommendation letters when you login to your application in Embark. You will also be notified by (automated) email if your recommender has submitted your online recommendation in Embark. Files that are not complete (incl. reference letters) at the deadline will not be reviewed.

  • What is a certified copy of a diploma?

    After preliminary acceptance you will need to submit certified copies of grade transcripts and diploma’s (never send us the original diploma’s).
    A certified copy is a photocopy with an endorsement or stamp that states that it’s a true copy of the primary document. You can certify copies of your documents at your school or sometimes at the municipality or notary.

  • I applied last year, do I need to apply again?

    Yes, you will need to apply again and upload all required documents.

  • When can I expect a decision on my application?

    All complete files will be reviewed in the month after the February 1 admission deadline. You can expect an admission decision within eight weeks. After February 15, rolling admission. You can expect to hear from TI within eight weeks.

  • I have specific questions about the application procedure. Whom can I address?

    The TI website and our online admission program provide detailed information. If you still have questions, please address applications@tinbergen.nl. Any other address you use will cause delay.

  • Is it possible to apply to the institute for direct admission to a 3-year PhD research position?

    No, this is not possible. Tinbergen Institute is a gateway to PhD positions for students who completed TI’s MPhil program.

    For PhD positions we refer to the job openings at the universities.