• How much is TI’s tuition fee for me?

    In the master phase of the program a tuition fee is charged to all students. Tuition fees are due until all MPhil examinations, including the MPhil thesis, are passed. The tuition fees are determined annually by the Dutch government and the universities.

    The annual tuition fee for the academic year 2019-2020 is:

    EEA national € 2,078
    non-EEA national € 15,450
    students holding a Dutch MSc degree € 15,450


    Tinbergen Institute recognizes that talented students who already earned a Dutch master degree may be discouraged by the high tuition fee. Therefore these students are eligible to apply for a TI scholarship.

    In the PhD phase no tuition fees are charged.

  • Am I eligible for a scholarship?

    Tinbergen Institute awards scholarships based on merit. Applicants who wish to compete for a TI scholarship should indicate this on the online application form. These applicants are advised to submit their application as early as possible, preferably by the priority deadline of February 1. For more information, please visit the scholarships section in our website.


  • How many students receive a scholarship from TI?

    TI runs its own merit-based scholarship program for students in the research master program. Over the years, we offered scholarships to some 50% of the students that entered the program. Percentages are even higher for second year students. In the second year, the vast majority of the students gets additional income from part-time appointments as teaching or research assistant.

    Students in the programs’ PhD phase are typically employed by one of the TI departments as PhD researchers. These are full-time positions that come with all the benefits of employment, including a good salary.

    For more information: see our scholarship pages

  • I intend to apply for external funding and need help from Tinbergen Institute. How to proceed?

    Contact applications@tinbergen.nl and explain your case. TI will provide the necessary documents.

  • Is it possible to work while following the MPhil program?

    The core (first-year) program leaves little or no time for any jobs. For second year students Tinbergen Institute offers a number of teaching assistantships. Many second-year MPhil students also find other research assistantships in one of the TI departments connected with MPhil thesis research.

    Also see Nuffic pages working while studying.