• What is a certified copy of a diploma?

    After preliminary acceptance you will need to submit certified copies of grade transcripts and diploma’s (never send us the original diploma’s).
    A certified copy is a photocopy with an endorsement or stamp that states that it’s a true copy of the primary document. You can certify copies of your documents at your school or sometimes at the municipality or notary.

  • I intend to apply for external funding and need help from Tinbergen Institute. How to proceed?

    Contact applications@tinbergen.nl and explain your case. TI will provide the necessary documents.

  • Is it possible to work while following the MPhil program?

    The core (first-year) program leaves little or no time for any jobs. For second year students Tinbergen Institute offers a number of teaching assistantships. Many second-year MPhil students also find other research assistantships in one of the TI departments connected with MPhil thesis research.

    Also see Nuffic pages working while studying.

  • How do I prepare academically for the TI program?

    Depending on their academic background, students may want to prepare academically for one or more core sequences before they come to TI.

    For them we composed a reading list.