• What is the annual inflow of students into the TI MPhil program?

    The maximum amount of students annually accepted in the TI MPhil program is 35. The program started in 2003; in the beginning the numbers were small. See below the annual inflow over the years 2013-2017.

    Female students represent a third of students. TI strives to increase the number of female students and encourages women to apply to the programme.



  • What is the academic background (MA/BA) of the students entering the program

    The graph shows the structure of degrees of the entering students. All MPhil students hold at least a bachelor degree; many hold already a master degree (MSc, one year master program).

    Almost 90% of the students have a background in economics; others are trained in for example computer sciences or mathematics , or have completed a liberal arts and sciences bachelor program at one of the Dutch University Colleges.



  • How is the distribution of students accross the TI universities?

    TI MPhil students are registered at one of the 3 TI universities (Erasmus University, University of Amsterdam or VU University). The affiliation of the student plays no role in access to courses, supervisors or PhD opportunities: after the completion of the MPhil program VU students may transfer to EUR or UvA and vice versa without any problem. Diplomas are awarded by the university of registration and by Tinbergen Institute.

  • How high are the success rates for applicants?

    The graph illustrates how many applicants (in %) were admitted to the TI MPhil program over the years 2013-2017. Due to the increasing number of applicants over the years, admission to the TI progam has become tougher.

  • How many students continue in a PhD track after having completed the MPhil program?

    About 85% of the TI MPhil students continue in a PhD track at TI. At the 3 economics faculties participating in Tinbergen Institute, PhD positions are allocated to most graduates of the TI MPhil program. Additional positions are available with external funding (from NWO and other sources). All (senior) TI research fellows, researchers with excellent international credentials, are available for thesis supervision.

    Usually, if the match between student and supervisor is successful, the MPhil thesis supervisor is also the PhD thesis supervisor in the PhD phase of the program. PhD students in the Netherlands are fully employed and have a good salary.