Four educational paths lead to the TI Research Qualification. The objective of offering four different paths is to give individual PhD students the opportunity to participate in a limited program of PhD courses that is tailor-made to their needs and educational background, while maintaining some of the key characteristics of the full-fledged MPhil program:

  • have an understanding of the core of economics by taking rigorous and common training in one or more of the core subjects and tools of economics,
  • have a sufficiently deep understanding of one field of economic research by choosing a major field in which at least 4 field courses are taken.

One of the following paths (I-IV) may be chosen, depending on the student’s background and interest:

reserach qualification 4 paths

* One or more of these courses may be replaced by field courses

PhD students, who wish to receive rigorous training in the core of microeconomics, macroeconomics, econometrics or finance, choose either path I or II. Students who start their PhD without a firm background in economics may decide to focus their educational program at TI even more at the core principles by choosing path III. Compared to the other paths, this path gives more opportunities to catch-up, which is reflected in the somewhat higher number of ECTS involved. Students with a firm background in economics may decide to start immediately with taking specialized courses. Path IV is the path catered to the interests of these students. To deviate from one of the paths, students need official and written consent of the Examination Board.