Please note: the links below refer to the 2017-2018 program.

MPhil First year of Core Courses

Advanced Econometrics I (TI1704)
Advanced Econometrics II (TI1705)
Advanced Econometrics III (TI1706)
Asset Pricing (TI1718)
Asymptotic Theory (TI1708)
Corporate Finance Theory (TI1719)
Econometrics I (TI1701)
Econometrics II (TI1702)
Econometrics III (TI1703)
Macroeconomics I (Stochastic Neoclassical Growth Models) (TI1714)
Macroeconomics II (Macroeconomic Policy) (TI1715)
Macroeconomics III (Frictions and Resource Allocation) (TI1716)
Macroeconomics IV (Financial Frictions in Macroeconomics) (TI1717)
Fundamental Mathematics (TI1820)
Advanced Mathematics (TI1821)
Microeconomics I (Individual Decision Making and General Equilibrium) (TI1710)
Microeconomics II (Game Theory) (TI1711)
Microeconomics III (Information and Contract Theory) (TI1712)
Microeconomics IV (Behavioral Economics) (TI1713)
Principles of Programming in Econometrics (TI143)
Statistics (TI1707)

MPhil Field courses

Advanced Game Theory: Applications of Bargaining and Network Theory (TI151)
Advanced Macroeconomics II (TI173)
Advanced Microeconometrics (TI152)
Advanced Time Series Econometrics (TI022)
Applied Macroeconometrics (TI153)
Applied Microeconometrics (TI181)
Banking (TI107)
Bayesian Econometrics (TI147)
Behavioral Finance (TI119)
Behavioral Macroeconomics and Complexity (TI126)
Continuous Time Asset Pricing (TI183)
Development Economics (TI032)
Dynamic Corporate Finance (TI106)
Economics of Education (TI154)
Economics of Networks (TI128)
Empirical Asset Pricing (TI161)
Evolutionary Game Theory (TI105)
Experimental Economics (TI155)
Financial Crises (TI156)
Health Economics (TI157)
History of Economic Thought (TI163)
Industrial Organization (TI038)
Institutions and Financial Structure (TI078)
International Economics (TI034)
Labor Economics (TI029)
Macro Finance and Central Banking (TI174)
Market and Systemic Risk Management (TI169)
Mechanism Design and Market Institutions (TI130)
Programming and Data Management (TI178)
Putting Behavioral Economics to Work (TI132)
Regional and Environmental Economics (TI133)
Risk and Rationality (TI159)
Spatial Economics (TI134)
TI Econometrics Lectures 2019 (TI186)
TI Economics Lectures 2019 (TI185)
Topics in Organization and Markets (TI138)
Topics in Political Economy (TI146)
Urban and Transport Economics (TI139)