Job Market Committee

Placement Director: Eric Bartelsman Ph: +31 (0)20 598 6167/4590

Placement Assistants: Arianne de Jong Ph: + 31 (0)20 598 4585, Christina Månsson (Wednesday and Friday) Ph: + 31 (0)20 598 4582

2018-2019 Job Market Candidates in alphabetical order

Candidate Field(s) Job Market Paper Supervisor(s)
Gabriele (G.) Ciminelli International Finance and Applied Macroeconomics Policy Guidance and the International Transmission of Macro News: Evidence from Investment Funds Massimo (M.) Giuliodori
Ayşil (A.) Emirmahmutoğlu Behavioral economics, Experimental Economics (lab & eld), Decision making under risk and ambiguity,
culture and societal behavior
View research Aurélien (A.) Baillon
Sílvia (S.) Garcia Mandicó Applied Microeconometrics, Social Protection, Labor and Health Earnings Capacity of Disability Insurance Claimants Owen (O.A.) O’Donnell, Pilar (P.) Garcia-Gomez
Myrna (M.) Hennequin Experimental Economics (particularly experimental macro/finance), Behavioral Economics, Bounded Rationality Experiences and expectations in asset markets: an experimental study Cars (C.H.) Hommes
Bo (B.) Hu Applied Microeconomics, Labor Economics, Corporate Finance Managerial Labor Market Competition and Incentive Contracts Makoto (M.) Watanabe, Pieter (P.A.) Gautier
Albert (A.J.) Jan Hummel Public Economics, Labor Economics Unemployment and Tax Design Bas (B.) Jacobs
Dávid (D.) Kopányi IO, Experimental Economics, Agent-Based Modelling, Dynamical Systems View research Jan (J.) Tuinstra
Anita (A.G.) Kopanyi-Peuker Behavioural and Experimental Economics, Game Theory and Bounded Rationality View research Cars (C.H.) Hommes
Paul (P.) Pelzl Banking, Finance, Development, Trade Capital Regulations and Credit Line Management during Crisis Times Steven (S.) Poelhekke
Alexandra (A.) Rusu Public Economics, Taxation, Procurement, Corruption You Sponsor Mine, I Procure Yours: Pharmaceutical Sponsorships And Procurement in Public Hospitals? Bas (B.) Jacobs
Junze (J.) Sun Political Economics, Micro-economic Theory, Behavioral and Experimental Economics A Theory on Media Bias and Elections Arthur (A.J.H.C.) Schram, Randolph (R.) Sloof
Jurre (J.H.) Thiel IO, Applied Econometrics Price discrimination, switching costs and welfare: Evidence from the Dutch mortgage market José Luis (J.L.) Moraga-González, Mauro (M.) Mastrogiacomo
Andrej (A.R.S.) Woerner Applied Mechanism Design, Behavioral Economics, Experimental Economics, Market Design Overcoming Time Inconsistency with a Matched Bet – Theory and Evidence from Exercising Sander (A.M.) Onderstal, Arthur Schram
Esmee (E.S.) Zwiers Family Economics, Labor Economics From Freedom to Fertility – The End of War, Parental Selection, and Children’s Outcomes Anne (A.C.) Gielen, Dinand (H.D.) Webbink