Job Market Committee

Placement Director:  Eric Bartelsman   Ph: +31 (0)20 598 6167/4590

Placement Assistants:  Arianne de Jong  Ph: + 31 (0)20 598 4585, Christina Månsson (Wednesday and Friday) Ph: + 31 (0)20 598 4582


2017-2018 Job Market Candidates in alphabetical order

Candidate Field(s) Job Market Paper Supervisor(s) Placement
Sander Barendse Econometrics, Financial Econometrics, Finance Financial Economics, Risk Management Interquantile Expectation Regression Dick (D.J.C.) van Dijk Prize postdoctoral fellowship, Nuffield College, University of Oxford, United Kingdom
Agnieszka Borowska Bayesian Statistics, Time Series Analysis, Sequential Monte Carlo, Simulation Techniques, Computational Methods Long Run Risk Evaluation Siem Jan (S.J.) Koopman, Lennart (L.F.) Hoogerheide Postdoctoral Research Associate, University of Glasgow, United Kingdom
Robin Döttling Banking, Corporate Finance, Macroeconomics Bank Competition and Risk Taking in a Zero Interest Environment Enrico (E.C.) Perotti Assistant Professor, Rotterdam School of Management
Francisco Gomez Martinez Experimental Economics, Collusion and Cartels, Mergers, Antitrust, Auctions Partial Cartels and Mergers with Heterogeneous Firms: Experimental Evidence Joep (J.H.) Sonnemans, Sander (A.M.) Onderstal Postdoctoral Researcher, BI Norwegian Business School, Norway
Malin Gardberg Banking, Development, International Economics, Labor, Macroeconometrics, Macroeconomics, Monetary Economics Linking Net Foreign Portfolio Debt and Equity to Exchange Rate Movements Casper (C.G.) de Vries, Lorenzo (L.C.G.) Pozzi Researcher, Research Institute of Industrial Economics, Sweden
Bart Keijsers Bayesian Econometrics, Financial Econometrics, Time Series Econometrics Long-Term Investing under Uncertain Parameter Instability Dick (D.J.C.) van Dijk, Erik (H.J.W.G.) Kole Assistant Professor, University Amsterdam
Mengheng Li Time series econometrics, Time-varying parameter, Macroeconometrics, Financial econometrics Leverage, Asymmetry and Heavy Tails in the High-Dimensional Factor Stochastic Volatility Model Siem Jan (S.J.) Koopman Assistant Professor, University of Technology Sydney, Australia
Didier Nibbering High-Dimensional Inference, Forecasting, Semi-Parametric Bayesian Inference, Discrete Choice Modelling, A High-Dimensional Multinomial Choice Model with an Application to Holiday Destinations Richard (R.) Paap, Michel (M.) van der Wel Assistant Professor, Monash University, Australia
Matthijs Oosterveen Economics of Education, Policy Evalution, and Applied Microeconomics Wait and See: Gender Differences in Performance during Cognitive Tests Dinand (H.D.) Webbink
Bastian Ravesteijn Health Economics, Public Economics, Applied Microeconometrics The Impact of Cost Sharing for Mental Health Care on Health Care Use and Labor Market Outcomes E.K.A. van Doorslaer, J.L.W. van Kippersluis
Ieva Sakalauskaite Banking, Financial Regulation, and Corporate Finance. Bank Risk-Taking and Misconduct Tanju Yorulmazer Research Economist, Bank of England
Sándor Sóvágó Education, Labor, Market Design, Policy Evaluation Obvious Mistakes in a Strategically Simple College Admissions Environment Bas (B.) van der Klaauw, Thomas (T.) Buser Assistant Professor, University of Groningen
Uwe Thuemmel Public Finance, Macroeconomics, Labor Economics Optimal Taxation of Robots Bas (B.) Jacobs, Björn (B.A.) Brügemann Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Zurich, Switzerland
Shuo Xia Empirical Corporate Finance, Corporate Governance Selection versus Incentives in Incentive Pay: Evidence from a Matching Model Sebastian (S.) Gryglewicz Ingolf Dittmann Assistant Professor, Leipzig University and Halle Institute for Economics Research, Germany