Lucyna Gornicka defended her PhD thesis at the University of Amsterdam on June 30, 2015. Here, she relates about how her traineeship at the ECB benefitted her research and academic career:

customLogo“After my second PhD year I spent three months in the Fiscal Policy Department at the European Central Bank.

I benefited from the traineeship at the ECB a lot. First, it was a perfect opportunity to learn more about the career in a policy-making institution. Second, it was a great networking experience: I met many PhDs from other top European and US universities, attended several seminars relevant for my research, and had a chance to talk about my job market paper with some of the speakers. The traineeship was also a chance to obtain a reference letter relevant for job applications at similar institutions – in my case it definitely helped me to get a good job afterwards.

I also enjoyed the research project which I was involved in. I worked with three senior economists, from whom I got a lot of feedback on writing, structuring arguments, and proper paper drafting. Finally, the project resulted in a joint paper, which will soon be published in the ECB Working Paper Series.


Finding an Internship

Make sure to start looking for internship offers in autumn the year before, as many application deadlines are already in January. The application process can consist of several stages, such as on-line psychological and logical reasoning tests, phone interviews with the human resources department, and with the senior staff members. I would also advise to always prepare for the phone interviews: by investigating the institution’s or the department’s website, and reading their most recent publications. Finally, be ready to briefly explain your own research, and its relevance for the internship position.