Marius Zoican defended his PhD thesis in finance at the VU University Amsterdam on June 8, 2015. Here, he relates about how his research visit to TSE in 2014 benefitted his research and academic career:



“In the spring of 2014, I was given the opportunity to visit Toulouse School of Economics (TSE) for three and a half months as an invited PhD researcher. The position was partly financed through an ANR (Agence National de Recherche) grant on “Algorithmic Trading” and partly through a “C. Willems” scholarship from the Tinbergen Institute. At TSE, I was hosted by professor Sophie Moinas, whom I had already met at a seminar in Amsterdam and had the chance to discuss my research in market microstructure.

In my first week in France, I was invited to present an early draft of my job market paper in the TSE seminar series. I gathered some excellent feedback, which allowed me to greatly improve the paper. Apart from regular meetings with Sophie, I discussed my research several times with Alexander Guembel, Guillaume Plantin, and Bruno Biais. Notably, I had the exciting opportunity to meet Jean Tirole and present my work to him, just a few months before he received the Nobel prize in Economics.

I also benefited from meeting a number of U.S. and European top academics and central bankers in the TSE Finance seminar series. I much enjoyed the discussion and exchange of ideas during the presentations, as well as the personal meetings I had with the speakers. Furthermore, I developed lasting relationships with fellow PhD students and discussed potential future joint projects.

Finally, my visit at Toulouse also directly helped me with the job market process: two TSE professors kindly accepted to write me a reference letter. Their help, as well as my exposure to the French academic world, was instrumental to finally accept a tenure-track position at Universite Paris-Dauphine.”