First year of the program

In the first year of the MPhil program students are encouraged to check out several options before choosing a specific research direction. Tinbergen Institute allows students to explore the many research groups of 3 faculties in economics before they commit to work on a thesis with a specific advisor. Students who need assistance or advice are invited to contact the Director of Graduate Studies for help.


Second year of the program

Ideally, second-year students match up with an MPhil thesis supervisor before the end of December. Students are advised to check with their MPhil thesis supervisor under what conditions they can transfer to a paid PhD position with that same supervisor.

In July/August the MPhil thesis is defended in a one hour (public) seminar before a committee of researchers who are experts in the student’s field of research.

The MPhil thesis has the format and size of a research paper that can be submitted to an international peer-reviewed journal in economics (a good first draft). After further polishing this first draft should be of sufficient quality to be published in such a journal.

Details on procedures, requirements, dates and deadlines for this year can be found in the current program brochure.