Nadine Ketel and Florian Sniekers

Alumni Nadine Ketel and Florian Sniekers have been awarded the Joop Hartog Dissertation Award. It is a prize for the best dissertation at the Amsterdam School of Economics, Univeristy of Amsterdam defended in 2016 or 2017. Nadine and Florian share the prize money of €2500. The prize has been awarded biannually since 2008.

Nadine Ketel is an Assistant Professor in Economics at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden. Her research interests are labor economics and educational economics and she study these topics mainly using natural and field experiments. She defended her PhD thesis ‘Essays on Applied Microeconomics’ on January 21, 2016. Her supervisors were TI fellows professors Hessel Oosterbeek (University of Amsterdam) and Bas van der Klaauw (VU Amsterdam). Nadine is an alumna of the TI MPhil program (2011, cum laude).

Florian Sniekers is an Assistant Professor at the Utrecht University. His research interests are search and matching, nonlinear dynamics, and the coordination of economic activity, in the broader field of macroeconomics. He defended his PhD thesis ‘Search Frictions and Endogenous Cycles in the Labor and Housing Market’ on March 13, 2017. His supervisors were TI fellows Pieter Gautier (VU Amsterdam) and Jan Tuinstra (University of Amsterdam). Florian is an alumnus of the TI MPhil program (2012, cum laude).


Fellow and director research at Amsterdam School of Economics of University of Amsterdam Frank Kleibergen hands over the Joop Hartog Dissertation prize to Florian Sniekers.