Fellow Coen Teulings has been appointed distinguished professor at Utrecht University with effect from 1 January 2018. He is currently professor of Economics at University of Cambridge and part-time professor at University of Amsterdam. Previously he was director of the CPB Netherlands Bureau for Economic Policy Analysis and of the Tinbergen Institute. As a distinguished professor, Teulings will be joining a select group of professors at Utrecht University – scholars and scientists whose work and standing transcend national and disciplinary boundaries.

Coen Teulings

In addition to his ongoing research on the labour market and urban economies, Teulings plans to zoom in over the coming years on cross-links between economics and insights from other disciplines, such as biology, law, political science, history and geography. This research will be based at the UU’s Faculty of Law, Economics and Governance.

A column by Teulings on how history can contribute to better economic education was previously published on voxeu.org.

This is partially a repost from the website of Utrecht University.