TI would like to welcome Joeri Sol who has joined TI as a research fellow. Joeri is a tenured assistant professor at the Amsterdam Business School, University of Amsterdam.


Joeri Sol

Joeri is a TI PhD alumnus and obtained his PhD in economics at the Erasmus University Rotterdam in July 2011, after having defended his thesis entitled ‘Incentives and Social Relation in the Workplace’. His supervisor was TI fellow Robert Dur.

Her research interests include applied microeconomics, behavioral economics, economic geography, entrepreneurship, environmental economics, organizational economics, and resource Economics

In the last three years Joeri has published in the Journal of Labor Economics (twice) and in the Journal of Economics & Management Strategy. He is a referee for the following journals: The Economic Journal, Economica, International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management, Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, Journal of Economics & Management Strategy, Small Business Economics, and World Development.

Joeri is a member of TI’s research group Spatial, Transport and Environmental Economics (STEE).