We would like welcome and introduce Marc Gabarro Bonet and Marius Ochea who join TI as candidate fellows. Marc Gabarro is an assistant professor in corporate finance at the Department of Business Economics of the Erasmus School of Economics (ESE). He holds a PhD in Finance from the London Business School (2011). His research interests include the corporate finance, corporate governance, executive compensation and banking. Marc wrote discussion papers on ‘Top Executive Mobility and Firm Specific Skills’ and with Viral Acharya (NYU) and Paolo Volpin (London Busines School) on ‘Competition for Managerial Talent, Corporate Governance and Incentive Compensation’. Marc is a member of TI’s Finance (FIN) research group.

We would also like welcome and introduce Marius Ochea who joins TI as a candidate fellow. Marius is an assistant professor at the department of Quantitative Economics and the The Center for Nonlinear Dynamics in Economics and Finance (CeNDEF) at the Universiteit van Amsterdam. He holds a PhD in Mathematical Economics from the University of Amsterdam (2010) and he is an alumnus of TI’s MPhil program. His research interests include Bounded Rationality, Evolutionary Game Theory, Game Theory, Learning, and Non-Linear Dynamics. Marius published in Games and Economic Behaviour. Marius is a member of TI’s Cooperative Behaviour, Strategic Interaction and Complex Systems (CSC) research group.