Guilherme de Oliveira has just started his position as Postdoc Researcher at the Center on Global Legal Transformation at Columbia Law School, under the supervision of Michael I. Sovern Professor of Law Katharina Pistor. This research project aims to assess and evaluate the legal foundations of the Eurosystem monetary operations. Among other results, this project is expected to shed light on the current turmoil in the Eurozone.

Guilherme de Oliveira

Previously, Guilherme de Oliveira had worked as a PhD student under the supervision of Professor Giuseppe Dari-Mattiacci and dr. Carmine Guerriero at the Amsterdam Center for Law & Economics – University of Amsterdam. He will present and defend his PhD thesis “Coercion and Integration” in May 2017. Guilherme is an alumnus of the TI MPhil program (2013). Find more details about Guilherme’s research at his personal website.