Congratulations to PhD student Piotr Denderski on his new position as a Lecturer (UK Assistant Professor equivalent) at the Department of Economics, University of Leicester. Piotr is a cum laude alumnus of the TI MPhil program in Economics (2012), currently finishing his thesis at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, supervised by TI fellow Eric Bartelsman. He also holds an MA in Quantitative Methods in Economics (2008) from the Warsaw School of Economics and a Bsc in Mathematics (2010) from the University of Warsaw. During his graduate studies Piotr visited the London School of Economics and Political Science and the New York University where his supervisors were Professors Wouter den Haan and Boyan Jovanovic.

Piotr’s research focuses on the interactions of market incompleteness, search and information frictions. His most recent work aims to understand the choice between undertaking payroll jobs and self-employment and its aggregate implications. In his job market paper Piotr proposes a model of confounded learning to account for life-cycle dynamics of type of employment choice and puzzling micro-level evidence of negative income premium to entrepreneurship. Learn more about Piotr’s work and research on his personal website.