Stephan Jagau, PhD student at the University of Amsterdam, has accepted a postdoctoral researcher position at the Institute for Mathematical Behavioral Sciences at the University of California, Irvine, United States.

Stephan Jagau

Stephan is a PhD student at CREED (Amsterdam School of Economics) since September 2015 under the supervision of fellows Theo Offerman and Matthijs van Veelen. Since 2015, Stephan is a member of the Research Center for Epistemic Game Theory at Maastricht University, a leading research group in Epistemic Game Theory. He is interested in Psychological and Epistemic Game Theory, Evolutionary (Game) Theory, and Judgement and Decision-Making, and find projects in these areas most interesting if theories come back-to-back with experimental testing and measurement.

Stephan is a TI MPhil alumnus (cum laude, 2015). He expects to defend his dissertation in October this year.

For more information on Stephan’s work, please visit his personal website.