The TI Discussion Paper on ‘Border Effect in House Prices’ has been picked up by several media outlets. The latest is NRC Q, the Dutch online business daily who reported on the paper in their December 2nd issue entitled article (in Dutch) ‘Zelfs vlak bij de Duitse grens blijven we liever in Nederland wonen’. Earlier the paper by fellow Jan Rouwendal was picked up by The Economist, in its free exchange blog ‘Staying Dutch. House Prices at the Border’ and was shared by the online edition of eWallstreeter Economy News.
The authors of the paper, TI fellow Jan Rouwendal (VU University Amsterdam) with Martin Micheli (RWI Essen, Germany) and Jasper Dekkers (VU University Amsterdam) studied the difference in the behavior of house prices between the Netherlands and Germany. According to The Economist the results of the research in the TI discussion paper is an indication of how cultural differences may run counter to the logic of European integration.