21 Dynamic models for sustainable development
Author: Jeroen (J.C.J.M.) van den Bergh
Supervisor(s): Professor P. Nijkamp, Professor J.B. Opschoor
Date: 16 December 1991

20 Ordering of risks. Theory and actuarial application
Author: Angela (A.E.) van Heerwaarden
Supervisor(s): Professor M.J. Goovaerts
Date: 3 December 1991

19 Inkomensverdelingsbeleid in Nederland. Over individuele voorkeuren en distributieve effecten
Author: Peter (P.W.) van Wijck
Supervisor(s): Professor W.F. van Raaij
Date: 7 November 1991

18 Model selection and seasonality in time series
Author: Philip Hans (P.H.B.F.) Franses
Supervisor(s): Professor T. Kloek
Date: 4 October 1991

17 Financieringsgedrag In de Rotterdamse Maritieme Sector, 1945-1960
Author: Paul (P.Th.) van de Laar
Supervisor(s): Professor H.H. Vleesenbeek, Professor F. Krens
Date: 4 October 1991

16 Managing primary commodity trade
Author: Paul (P.) Kofman
Supervisor(s): Professor J.-M. Viaene
Date: 3 October 1991

15 The dynamics of unemployment and vacancies on regional labour markets
Author: Cees (C.) Gorter
Supervisor(s): Professor P. Nijkamp, Professor P. Rietveld
Date: 18 September 1991

14 Stochastic queue location problems
Author: Shuzhong (S.) Zhang
Supervisor(s): Professor A.H.G. Rinnooy Kan
Date: 27 June 1991

13 Care services for the elderly in the Netherlands. The PACKAGE model
Author: Ans (J.M.C.) Vollering
Supervisor(s): Professor P. Nijkamp
Date: 25 June 1991

12 Economic change and political conflict in Ghana 1600-1990
Author: Kwame (K.) Nimako
Supervisor(s): Professor A.G. Frank
Date: 19 June 1991

11 Architectures for Information Management. A pragmatic approach on architectural concepts and their application in dynamic environments
Author: Ria Marcella Celina (R.M.C.) van Waes
Supervisor(s): Professor J.S. Achterberg
Date: 7 June 1991

10 Optimization of manufacturing system design
Author: Mario (M.) van Vliet
Supervisor(s): Professor A.H.G. Rinnooy Kan, Professor O.J. Boxma
Date: 6 June 1991

9 Innovatie, emulatie en tijd. De rol van de organisatorische vernieuwingen in het economische proces
Author: Taco Cornelis Roelof (T.C.R.) van Someren
Supervisor(s): Professor H.W. de Jong
Date: 5 June 1991

8 Modelling and Computation of General Equilibrium
Author: Marjan (M.W.) Hofkes
Supervisor(s): Professor G. van der Laan
Date: 30 May 1991

7 Two case studies on manpower planning in an Airline
Author: Peter (P.J.) Verbeek
Supervisor(s): Professor A.W.J. Kolen
Date: 30 May 1991

6 Economic policy in a demographically divided world
Author: Harry (H.P.) van Dalen
Supervisor(s): Professor J.M.M. Ritzen
Date: 25 April 1991

5 The two faces of interest. The problem of order and the origins of political economy and sociology as distinctive fields of inquiry in the Scottish Enlightenment
Author: Rudi (R.M.) Verburg
Supervisor(s): Professor J.M.M. de Valk
Date: 25 April 1991

4 Towards an effective use of relational Database Management Systems
Author: Rob (R.B.) Buitendijk
Supervisor(s): Professor A.A.I. Holtgrefe
Date: 22 April 1991

3 Liberté, Egalité, Rareté. The evolutionary economics of Léon Walras
Author: Albert (A.) Jolink
Supervisor(s): Professor C.J. van Eijk, dr. J. van Daal
Date: 4 April 1991

2 Tourism and urban development. The impact of tourism on urban development: towards a theory of urban tourism, and its application to the case of Venice, Italy
Author: Jan (J.) van der Borg
Supervisor(s): Professor L. van den Berg
Date: 14 February 1991