60 Life insurance, a non-life approach
Author: Bart (B.M.) Kling
Supervisor(s): Professor H. Wolthuis, Professor M.J. Goovaerts
Date: 17 December 1993

59 The internationalisation of the Spanish automobile industry and its regional impact. The emergence of a growth-periphery
Author: Arnoud (A.) Lagendijk
Supervisor(s): Professor G.A. van der Knaap, Professor G.A. Hoekveld
Date: 3 December 1993

58 Portfolio management of common stock and real estate assets. An empirical investigation into the stochastic properties of common stock and equity real-estate
Author: Dirk (D.P.M.) de Wit
Supervisor(s): Professor L.A. Ankum, Professor B. Kruijt
Date: 1 December 1993

57 Asymptotic theory of expanding parameter space methods and data dependence in econometrics
Author: Robert (R.M.) de Jong
Supervisor(s): Professor H.J. Bierens
Date: 16 November 1993

56 Organizational culture and strategy. A study of cultural influences on the formulation of strategies, goals, and objectives in two companies
Author: Volkert (V.J.) Batelaan
Supervisor(s): Professor J. Bunt, Professor P.H.A. Frissen
Date: 14 October 1993

55 Markets, uncertainty and decision-making. A history of the introduction of uncertainty into economics
Author: Emiel (E.F.M.) Wubben
Supervisor(s): Professor J.H.P. Paelinck, Professor A. Vandevelde
Date: 7 October 1993

54 Heuristics for complex inventory systems. Deterministic and stochastic problems
Author: Erik (H.J.) van der Sluis
Supervisor(s): Professor G. de Leve, Professor L.A. Ankum
Date: 7 September 1993

53 Strategische en logistieke besluitvorming. Een empirisch onderzoek naar informatiegebruik en instrumentele ondersteuning
Author: Marja (M.J.C.) Sijbrands
Supervisor(s): Professor A.A.I. Holtgrefe, Professor P. Rietveld
Date: 28 June 1993

52 Combinatorial optimization and empirical processes
Author: Nanda (N.) Piersma
Supervisor(s): Professor J.M. Steele, Professor G. de Leve
Date: 25 June 1993

51 The Dutch Money Purge. The monetary consequences of German occupation and their redress after liberation, 1940-1952
Author: Jaap (J.) Barendregt
Supervisor(s): Professor R.T. Griffiths
Date: 8 June 1993

50 The social economics of old age: strategies to maintain income in later life in the Netherlands 1880-1940
Author: Elles (E.A.M.) Bulder
Supervisor(s): Professor H.H. Vleesenbeek
Date: 6 May 1993

49 The efficiency of dynamic trading strategies in imperfect markets
Author: Harry (H.M.) Kat
Supervisor(s): Professor L.A. Ankum, Professor J.G. de Gooijer
Date: 6 May 1993

48 Bertrand meets the fox and the owl. Essays in the theory of price competition
Author: Marcel (M.) Canoy
Supervisor(s): Professor H.N. Weddepohl
Date: 2 April 1993

47 Exchange rates and strategic decisions of firms
Author: Jeannette Johanna (J.J.) Capel
Supervisor(s): Professor H. Jager
Date: 31 March 1993

46 Behaviour and institutions under economic reform. Price regulation and market behaviour in Hungary
Author: Wim (W.) Swaan
Supervisor(s): Professor M.J. Ellman
Date: 26 March 1993

45 Over Marxistische economie in Nederland, 1883-1939
Author: Frank (F.) Kalshoven
Supervisor(s): Professor N.B. de Marchi, dr. G.A. Reuten
Date: 22 March 1993

44 Medezeggenschap bij fusie en ontvlechting
Author: Robbert (R.H.) van het Kaar
Supervisor(s): Professor C.A. Boukema
Date: 22 March 1993

43 Studies on economic growth theory. The role of imperfections and externalities
Author: Jos (J.B.L.M.) Verbeek
Supervisor(s): Professor J.-M. Viaene, Professor H.N. Weddepohl, Professor Ch. van Marrewijk
Date: 18 March 1993

42 Exchange-rate variability and trade: Essays on the impact of exchange-rate variability on international trade flows
Author: Jan Kees (J.K.) Martijn
Supervisor(s): Professor H. Jager
Date: 28 January 1993

41 Empirical studies in Japanese retailing
Author: Jeroen (J.C.A.) Potjes
Supervisor(s): Professor A.R. Thurik
Date: 7 January 1993