90 Quasiconvex optimization and location models
Author: Joaquim (J.A.) dos Santos Gromicho
Supervisor(s): Professor A.H.G. Rinnooy Kan
Date: 26 January 1994

87 Farmers, prices and rational expectations
Author: Erno (W.E.) Kuiper
Supervisor(s): Professor T. Kloek, dr. Ph.H. Franses
Date: 22 December 1994

86 Price cost margins in Dutch manufacturing: with an emphasis on cyclical and firm size effects
Author: Yvonne (Y.M.) Prince
Supervisor(s): Professor A.R. Thurik
Date: 15 December 1994

85 Social security in developing countries; operation and dynamics of social security mechanisms in rural Swaziland
Author: Andre (A.H.M.) Leliveld
Supervisor(s): Professor H. Linnemann
Date: 8 December 1994

84 The Spanish Oil Industry: Structural change and modernization
Author: Aad (A.F.) Correlje
Supervisor(s): Professor P.R. Odell, Professor G.A. van der Knaap
Date: 1 December 1994

83 A symmetric approach to the labor market: an application of the sem method
Author: Evelien (E.) Eggink
Supervisor(s): Professor B.M.S. van Praag
Date: 3 November 1994

82 Financial planning in divisionalised firms: models and methods
Author: Marc (M.H.) Goedhart
Supervisor(s): Professor J. Spronk
Date: 27 October 1994

81 Complementary triangular forms for pairs of matrices and operators
Author: Rob (R.A.) Zuidwijk
Supervisor(s): Professor H. Bart
Date: 20 October 1994

80 Corporate risk management. A multi-factor approach
Author: Erik (E.M.) Vermeulen
Supervisor(s): Professor J. Spronk, dr. D. van der Wijst
Date: 13 October 1994

79 Defusing the software crisis: Information systems flexibility through data independence
Author: Martin (M.) Boogaard
Supervisor(s): Professor A.A.I. Holtgrefe, dr. E.R.K. Spoor
Date: 31 October 1994

78 Trade Unions and collective bargaining in the Netherlands
Author: Rob (R.F.) van de Wijngaert
Supervisor(s): Professor F.A.G. den Butter, Professor J.C. van Ours
Date: 27 September 1994

77 Identifiability and nonstationarity in classical and Bayesian econometrics
Author: Frank (F.R.) Kleibergen
Supervisor(s): Professor H.K. van Dijk
Date: 15 September 1994

76 Innovation management in the Agro-food industry
Author: Anco (C.A.G.) Sneep
Supervisor(s): Professor W.J. Vrakking, Professor C.P. Veerman
Date: 15 September 1994

75 Looking through a window of locational opportunity. A long-term spatial analysis of techno-industrial upheavals in Great-Britain and Belgium
Author: Ron (R.A.) Boschma
Supervisor(s): Professor G.A. van der Knaap, Professor P. Nijkamp
Date: 1 September 1994

74 Duurzame mobiliteit. Duurzame ontwikkeling en de voorzieningenstructuur van het personenvervoer in de Randstad
Author: John (J.H.) Baggen
Supervisor(s): Professor G.A. van der Knaap, Professor P. Nijkamp
Date: 23 June 1994

73 User participation and the success of information system development. An integrated model of user-specialist relationships
Author: Lei (L.) Lei
Supervisor(s): Professor H.J. Oppelland
Date: 16 June 1994

72 Strategic advantage and the exploitability of information technology. An empirical study of the effects of IT on supplier-distributor relationships in the US airline industry
Author: Ellen (P.W.) Christiaanse
Supervisor(s): Professor D. Keuning, Professor D.J. Eppink
Date: 15 June 1994

71 Worst Case Performance of Scheduling Heuristics
Author: Bo (B.) Chen
Supervisor(s): Professor L.N. van Wassenhove, Professor A.H.G. Rinnooy Kan
Date: 9 June 1994

70 Maximum price regulations and resulting parallel and black markets
Author: Mike (M.W.) Dell
Supervisor(s): Professor J.-M. Viaene
Date: 26 May 1994

69 Dynamics in cross-section and panel data models
Author: Inge (I.T.) van den Doel
Supervisor(s): Professor J.F. Kiviet, Professor J.S. Cramer
Date: 20 May 1994

68 Strategic trade policy and multinational enterprises: essays on trade and investment by Japanese electronics firms
Author: Rene (R.A.) Belderbos
Supervisor(s): Professor L.I.E. Sleuwaegen, Professor J.A. Stam
Date: 19 May 1994

67 Modelling international financial markets: an empirical study
Author: Philip Alexander (P.A.) Stork
Supervisor(s): Professor C.G. Koedijk, Professor C.G. de Vries
Date: 28 April 1994

66 The paradox of information technology management
Author: Sven (S.J.) Fischer
Supervisor(s): Professor J.S. Achterberg
Date: 11 April 1994

65 On the theory and measurement of comparative advantage. An empirical analysis of Yugoslav trade in manufactures with the OECD countries, 1970-1986
Author: Olga (O.) Memedovic
Supervisor(s): Professor J. Spronk, Professor H. Linnemann
Date: 10 March 1994

64 System identification based on Riemannian geometry: theory and algorithms
Author: Ralf (R.L.M.) Peeters
Supervisor(s): Professor M. Hazewinkel, Professor A.H.Q.M. Merkies
Date: 8 February 1994

63 Economische dynamiek en toplocaties. Locatiekarakteristieken en prijsontwikkeling van kantoren in een aantal grote Europese steden
Author: Robbert (R.T.) Lie
Supervisor(s): Professor B. Kruijt, Professor J.G. Lambooy
Date: 21 January 1994

62 The creation of meaning in advertising. Interaction of figurative advertising and individual differences in processing styles
Author: Marian (M.) Dingena
Supervisor(s): Professor W.F. van Raaij, Professor F.G.M. Pieters
Date: 20 January 1994

61 De markthuur op kantorenmarkten in Nederland
Author: Jan (J.H.) Grootendorst
Supervisor(s): Professor B. Kruijt, Professor M.M.G. Fase
Date: 7 January 1994