101 Trade union growth and decline in The Netherlands
Author: Annette (J.E.) van den Berg
Supervisor(s): Professor J. Hartog
Date: 29 November 1995

100 Second-hand markets for consumer durables
Author: Natasha (N.E.) Stroeker
Supervisor(s): Professor W.F. van Raaij
Date: 23 November 1995

99 International capital mobility and asset demand. Six empirical studies
Author: Jos (W.J.) Jansen
Supervisor(s): Professor J.C. Siebrand
Date: 5 October 1995

98 Een doorlopende groote roes. De economische ontwikkeling van Nederland, 1913-1921
Author: Ronald (R.) van der Bie
Supervisor(s): Professor J.L. van Zanden
Date: 25 September 1995

97 Services and services trade: A theoretical inquiry
Author: Albert (A.) de Vaal, Joachim (J.J.) Stibora
Supervisor(s): Professor J.-M. Viaene
Date: 15 June 1995

96 Endogenous business cycles
Author: Robin (R.G.) de Vilder
Supervisor(s): Professor J.G. de Gooijer, Professor S.J. van Strien, Professor J.-M. Grandmont
Date: 14 June 1995

95 Adoption and diffusion of the European currency unit. An empirical study among European companies
Author: Yvonne (Y.M.) van Everdingen
Supervisor(s): Professor G.J. Bamossy
Date: 17 March 1995

94 Models for option evaluation in alternative price-movements
Author: Ronald (R.C.) Heynen
Supervisor(s): Professor A.C.F. Vorst
Date: 17 February 1995

93 Heuristic and optimal methods for the three-dimensional bin packing problem
Author: André (A.) van Vliet
Supervisor(s): Professor A.H.G. Rinnooy Kan
Date: 16 February 1995

92 The desirability of currency unification theory and some evidence
Author: Bertolt (B.) Leeftink
Supervisor(s): Professor H. Jager
Date: 10 February 1995

91 Aspects of enlarging the market effects in the Dutch health care
Author: Tijn (R.B.) Kool
Supervisor(s): Professor E.J.J.M. Kimman
Date: 3 February 1995

89 Discrete and fractional programming techniques for location models
Author: Ana Isabel (A.I.) Martins Botto de Barros
Supervisor(s): Professor A.H.G. Rinnooy Kan
Date: 26 January 1995

88 Global total least squares. A method for the construction of open approximate models from vector time series
Author: Berend (B.) Roorda
Supervisor(s): Professor T. Kloek, Professor J.C. Willems
Date: 20 January 1995