134 Dynamics of organizational learning
Author: Marleen (M.H.) Huysman
Supervisor(s): Professor A.A.I. Holtgrefe, M.S.H. Heng
Date: 2 December 1996

133 Local sources of competitiveness: spatial clustering and organisational dynamics in small-scale clothing in Lima, Peru
Author: Evert-Jan (E.J.) Visser
Supervisor(s): Professor J.G. Lambooy
Date: 16 December 1996

132 Rare event analysis of communication networks
Author: Michiel (M.R.H.) Mandjes
Supervisor(s): Professor H.C. Tijms, dr. A.A.N. Ridder
Date: 3 December 1996

131 A general approach for computing loss probabilities in finite-buffer queues
Author: Frank (F.) Gouweleeuw
Supervisor(s): Professor H.C. Tijms
Date: 28 November 1996

130 Commuting and relocation of jobs and residences; a search perspective
Author: Jos (J.) van Ommeren
Supervisor(s): Professor P. Nijkamp, Professor P. Rietveld
Date: 22 October 1996

129 Firms’ recruitment behaviour: an empirical investigation of the use of search channels, the rate of arrival of applicants, and the spatial radius of search
Author: Giovanni (G.) Russo
Supervisor(s): Professor P. Nijkamp
Date: 22 October 1996

128 Stochastic lot-sizing in production planning
Author: Maria Teresa (M.T.) Melo
Supervisor(s): Professor R. Dekker
Date: 17 October 1996

127 The Art of Grouping Maintenance
Author: Ralph (R.E.) Wildeman
Supervisor(s): Professor R. Dekker
Date: 10 October 1996

126 Migrant workers in the dutch labour market today
Author: Arend (A.W.M.) Odé
Supervisor(s): Professor G.A. van der Knaap
Date: 3 October 1996

125 Claim pricing and hedging under market imperfections
Author: Fabio (F.) Mercurio
Supervisor(s): Professor A.C.F. Vorst
Date: 26 September 1996

124 Beliefs and decision rules in public good games – theory and experiments
Author: Theo (T.J.S.) Offerman
Supervisor(s): Professor F.A.A.M. van Winden
Date: 9 September 1996

123 Information and pricing in road transport: theoretical and applied models
Author: Richard (R.H.M.) Emmerink
Supervisor(s): Professor P. Nijkamp
Date: 23 September 1996

122 Accounting for the quality of work-life – Putting price tags on sources of job dissatisfaction
Author: Katerina (K.) Teplá
Supervisor(s): Professor J. Bulte, Professor M.A. van Hoepen
Date: 29 August 1996

121 Exotic options
Author: Terry (H.F.) Cheuk
Supervisor(s): Professor A.C.F. Vorst
Date: 19 September 1996

120 Financial intermediation and monetary transmission
Author: Tjerk (T.R.P.J.) Kroes
Supervisor(s): M.M.G. Fase
Date: 14 June 1996

119 Financial regulation in Japan
Author: Onno (O.W.) Steenbeek
Supervisor(s): Professor M.J.L. Jonkhart
Date: 27 June 1996

118 Service development in less developed countries. The case of telecom services in Chile and Argentina
Author: Stijn (A.W.) van der Krogt
Supervisor(s): Professor J.G. Lambooy
Date: 27 June 1996

117 Research Research & Research
Author: Aske (A.) Plaat
Supervisor(s): Professor A. de Bruin
Date: 20 June 1996

116 On equivalence scales
Author: Carsten Kai (C.) Folkertsma
Supervisor(s): Professor J. Hartog
Date: 12 June 1996

115 Basic actuarial credibility models – evaluations and extensions
Author: Dennis (D.R.) Dannenburg
Supervisor(s): Professor M. Goovaerts
Date: 3 June 1996

114 The impact of capital imports – Argentina 1970-1989
Author: Thijs (M.A.) de Ruyter van Steveninck
Supervisor(s): Professor H.C. Bos
Date: 23 May 1996

113 Exchange Rate Policy in Turkey. External Competitiveness and Internal Stability Studied Through a Macromodel
Author: Turan (T.) Erol
Supervisor(s): Professor H.C. Bos, Professor F.A.G. den Butter
Date: 21 November 1996

112 Residential moving behaviour of the elderly: an explanatory analysis for the Netherlands
Author: Tineke (C.M.) Fokkema
Supervisor(s): Professor J. Gierveld, Professor P. Nijkamp
Date: 11 April 1996

111 Outlier robust unit root analysis
Author: Andre (A.) Lucas
Supervisor(s): Professor T. Kloek
Date: 6 June 1996

110 East European foreign trade and system changes
Author: Guido (G.G.A.) Biessen
Supervisor(s): Professor M.J. Ellman
Date: 2 April 1996

109 The competitiveness of a European city and the role of urban management in improving the city’s performance. The cases of the Central Veneto and Rotterdam regions
Author: Ilaria (I.) Bramezza
Supervisor(s): Professor L. van den Berg
Date: 4 April 1996

108 Economic efficiency and social feasibility in the regulation of road transport externalities
Author: Erik Teodoor (E.T.) Verhoef
Supervisor(s): Professor P. Nijkamp, Professor P. Rietveld
Date: 25 March 1996

107 Determinants of Successful Entrepreneurship
Author: Mirjam (C.M.) van Praag
Supervisor(s): Professor J.S. Cramer, Professor J. Hartog
Date: 22 February 1996

106 Contributions to matrix calculus and applications in econometrics
Author: Shuangze (S.) Liu
Supervisor(s): Professor H. Neudecker
Date: 9 January 1996

105 Worker flows and the employment adjustment of firms. An empirical investigation
Author: Wolter (W.H.J.) Hassink
Supervisor(s): Professor F.A.G. den Butter, Professor J.C. van Ours
Date: 11 January 1996

104 Towards the borderless mainport Rotterdam. An analysis of functional, special and administrative dynamics in port systems
Author: Arjen (H.A.) van Klink
Supervisor(s): Professor L. van den Berg
Date: 15 December 1996

103 Multiattribute value functions for environmental management
Author: Euro (E.) Beinat
Supervisor(s): Professor P. Nijkamp
Date: 7 December 1996

102 An analysis of refinement operators in inductive logic programming
Author: Patrick (P.R.J.) van der Laag
Supervisor(s): Professor A. de Bruin
Date: 8 December 1996