217 Market Structure and Environmental Costs: A Welfare Analysis of European Air Transport Reform
Author: Youdi (Y.) Schipper
Supervisor(s): Professor P. Rietveld, Professor P. Nijkamp
Date: 21 December 1999

216 Economic Growth and the Environment: an empirical analysis
Author: Sander (S.M.) de Bruyn
Supervisor(s): Professor J.B. Opschoor, Professor J.C.J.M. van den Bergh
Date: 21 December 1999

215 Essays on Exchange Rate Dynamics
Author: Patrick (P.A.) Groenendijk
Supervisor(s): Professor C.G. de Vries
Date: 16 December 1999

214 Price dynamics in equilibrium models
Author: Jan (J.) Tuinstra
Supervisor(s): Professor H.N. Weddepohl
Date: 5 November 1999

213 Maintenance optimisation techniques for the preservation of highways
Author: Raymond (R.P.) Plasmeijer
Supervisor(s): Professor R. Dekker
Date: 23 December 1999

212 Ruimtelijke netwerken van de zakelijke dienstverlening
Author: Leendert (L.) Meijers
Supervisor(s): Professor G.A. van der Knaap
Date: 29 October 1999

210 Heterogeneity of Hazard Rates in Insurance
Author: Jaap (J.) Spreeuw
Supervisor(s): Professor H. Wolthuis; Professor M.J. Goovaerts
Date: 8 October 1999

209 Government decisions on income redistribution and public production; A political-economic general equilibrium approach
Author: Eric (H.P.C.) Drissen
Supervisor(s): Professor F.A.A.M. van Winden
Date: 12 November 1999

207 Performance consequences of financial conglomeration with an empirical analysis in Belgium and the Netherlands
Author: Kurt (K.) Verweire
Supervisor(s): Professor L.A.A. van den Berghe
Date: 24 June 1999

206 Dynamics of Price Formation in Financial Markets
Author: Pieter (P.W.) van Hasselt
Supervisor(s): Professor A.W.A. Boot
Date: 10 September 1999

205 Family Ties in an Aging World. Causes and Consequences of Fertility Shifts
Author: Peter (P.G.W.) Alders
Supervisor(s): Professor J. van Sinderen
Date: 11 November 1999

204 Estimation and Inference with the Efficient Method of Moments: With Applications to Stochastic Volatility Models and Option Pricing
Author: Pieter Jelle (P.J.) van der Sluis
Supervisor(s): Professor H.P. Boswijk, Professor J.F. Kiviet
Date: 7 October 1999

203 A Pearl of Great Price. The Free Education System in Sri Lanka
Author: Athula Lakshman (M.D.A.L.) Ranasinghe
Supervisor(s): Professor J. Hartog
Date: 2 September 1999

202 Albania: Transition To A Market Economy
Author: Klarita (K.) Sadiraj
Supervisor(s): Professor S.J.G. van Wijnbergen
Date: 18 June 1999

201 Panel effects in consumer research. Statistical models for underreporting
Author: Emiel (E.) Kaper
Supervisor(s): Professor W.E. Saris, Professor H. Neudecker, Professor A. Satorra
Date: 15 June 1999

200 Smooth Transition Models: Extensions and Outlier Robust Inference
Author: Dick (D.J.C.) van Dijk
Supervisor(s): Professor P.H.B.F. Franses
Date: 16 September 1999

199 Services and economic growth
Author: Tomas (T.M.) Kögel
Supervisor(s): Professor J.-M. Viaene
Date: 27 May 1999

198 Technology choice and the role of institutions. The case of wheat and the input market in Pakistan
Author: Marie-Jose (M.J.) Smits
Supervisor(s): Professor P. Rietveld
Date: 6 May 1999

197 The Evolution of Wage Structures in Portugal 1982-1992
Author: Jose Antonio (J.A.) Vieira
Supervisor(s): Professor J. Hartog
Date: 23 April 1999

196 Explorations of welfare and well-being
Author: Paul (P.) Frijters
Supervisor(s): Professor B.M.S. van Praag
Date: 14 April 1999

195 Armoede en koopkrachtongelijkheid; theoretische beschouwingen over het effect van inkomensafhankelijke prijzen
Author: Jolanda (J.M.) van Leeuwen
Supervisor(s): Professor J.C. van Ours
Date: 1 April 1999

194 Squeezing Birth into Working Life. Household Panel Data Analyses comparing Germany, Great-Britain, the Netherlands and Sweden
Author: Cecile (C.) Wetzels
Supervisor(s): Professor S.S. Gustafsson
Date: 21 January 1999

193 Derivatives in Portfolio Management
Author: Bart (K.P.B.) Oldenkamp
Supervisor(s): Professor A.C.F. Vorst
Date: 28 January 1999