347 To go or not to go…? International relocation willingness of dual-career couples
Author: Carin (C.J.H.) Bossink
Supervisor(s): Professor P.G.W. Jansen, dr. E.G. van der Velde
Date: 2 December 2004

346 The future of old-age pensions: Its explosion and implosion
Author: Pedro (P.D.M.L.) Cardoso
Supervisor(s): Professor B.M.S. van Praag
Date: 7 December 2004

342 On Extreme Value Approximation to Tails of Distribution Functions
Author: Deyuan (D.) Li
Supervisor(s): Professor L. de Haan, Professor C. de Vries
Date: 14 October 2004

341 The Impact of Banks and Asset Markets on Economic Growth and Fiscal Stability
Author: Felix (F.) Eschenbach
Supervisor(s): Professor J.F. Francois
Date: 1 October 2004

340 The economic effects of trust. Theory and empirical evidence
Author: Robert H.J. (R.H.J.) Mosch
Supervisor(s): Professor F.A.G. den Butter
Date: 7 October 2004

338 Adoption and diffusion of EDI in multilateral networks of organizations
Author: Angelique (A.H.) Brummans
Supervisor(s): Professor Gary J. Bamossy, Professor Marcel R. Creemers
Date: 24 June 2004

337 Balancing Work and Family Life in Japan and Four European Countries: Econometric Analyses on Mothers’ Employment and Timing of Maternity
Author: Eiko (E.) Kenjoh
Supervisor(s): Professor Siv Gustafsson
Date: 29 June 2004

336 Retirement, Expectations and Realizations. Essays of the Netherlands and Italy
Author: Mauro (M.) Mastrogiacomo
Supervisor(s): Professor M. Lindeboom, Professor R.J.M. Alessie
Date: 17 June 2004

335 The Medium Matters: The Impact of Electronic Communication Media and Evidence Strength on Belief Revision during Auditor-Client Inquiry
Author: Anna (A.H.) Gold
Supervisor(s): Professor Philip Wallage, Professor James E. Hunton
Date: 8 October 2004

334 The Impact of Economic Integration Programs on Inward Foreign Direct Investment
Author: Romdej (R.) Phisalaphong
Supervisor(s): Professor J.A. Stam, Professor G.A. van der Knaap
Date: 8 April 2004

333 Survival of the fair; modelling the evolution of altruism, fairness and morality
Author: Matthijs (C.M.) van Veelen
Supervisor(s): Professor G. van der Laan
Date: 20 April 2004

332 Relative stringency of environmental regulation and international competitiveness
Author: Abay (A.) Mulatu
Supervisor(s): Professor C.A.A.M. Withagen, dr. R.J.G.M. Florax
Date: 29 January 2004

335 Risk, Resettlement and Relations: Social Security in Rural Zimbabwe
Author: Marleen (M.) Dekker
Supervisor(s): Professor J.W. Gunning, Professor A.J. Dietz
Date: 11 March 2004

330 Economic Analysis and Modeling of Fisheries Management in Complex Marine Ecosystems
Author: Robert (R.J.) Imeson
Supervisor(s): Professor J.C.J.M. van den Bergh
Date: 9 January 2004

329 Optimal retirement decision
Author: Grzegorz (G.J.) Kula
Supervisor(s): Professor C.N. Teulings
Date: 6 February 2004

327 Opportunity Entry Performance. Studies of Entrepreneurship and Small Business
Author: Marco (M.) van Gelderen
Supervisor(s): Professor P.C.W. Jansen, Professor A.R. Thurik
Date: 2 March 2004

326 Global Climate Change Policies; An analysis of CDM policies with an adapted GTAP model
Author: Shunli (S.) Wang
Supervisor(s): Professor P. Nijkamp, Professor E.T. Verhoef
Date: 20 January 2004

325 Integrated and Dynamic Vehicle and Crew Scheduling
Author: Dennis (D.) Huisman
Supervisor(s): Professor A.P.M Wagelmans, Professor R. Dekker
Date: 20 February 2004