392 On Technology, Uncertainty, and Economic Growth
Author: Koen (K.G.) Berden
Supervisor(s): Professor C. Van Marrewijk, Professor J. Francois
Date: 30 November 2006

391 Essays on Economic Integration
Author: Haris (M.I.S.H.) Munandar
Supervisor(s): Professor J.-M.A.R.G. Viaene
Date: 1 December 2006

389 Railway Impacts on Real Estate Prices
Author: Ghebreegziabiher (G.) Debrezion Andom
Supervisor(s): Professor Piet Rietveld, dr. Eric Pels
Date: 28 November 2006

387 Higher education choice in the Netherlands: the economics of where to go
Author: Carla (C.A.) Sá
Supervisor(s): Professor R.J.G.M. Florax, Professor P. Rietveld
Date: 19 December 2006

386 Nonparametric Methods in Economics and Finance: Dependence, Causality and Prediction
Author: Valentyn (V.) Panchenko
Supervisor(s): PProfessor C.H. Hommes, dr. C.G.H. Diks
Date: 11 October 2006

385 Essays on Internet and Information Economics
Author: Rob (R.) van der Noll
Supervisor(s): Professor Maarten C. W. Janssen
Date: 5 October 2006

384 The Economics of Networks: Theory and Empirics
Author: Marco Juri (M.J.) van der Leij
Supervisor(s): Professor Sanjeev Goyal, dr. Marcel Fafchamps
Date: 21 December 2006

383 The Construction of Instruments for Measuring Unemployment
Author: Peter (P.) Rodenburg
Supervisor(s): Professor Mary Morgan, dr. Marcel Boumans
Date: 5 July 2006

382 Liking and Disliking: The Dynamic Effects of Social Networks during a Large-Scale Information System Implementation
Author: Zuzana (Z.) Sasovova
Supervisor(s): Professor M. Newman, Professor E.R.K. Spoor, dr. M.C. Schippers
Date: 30 June 2006

381 Dynamic Investor Decisions
Author: Otto (O.A.C.) van Hemert
Supervisor(s): Professor Frank C.J.M. de Jong, dr. Joost J.A.G. Driessen
Date: 4 July 2006

380 Economic and Social consequences of temporary employment
Author: Marloes (M.) de Graaf-Zijl
Supervisor(s): Professor G.J. van den Berg, Professor J. Hartog
Date: 20 June 2006

379 Essays on Neural Network Sampling Methods and Instrumental Variables
Author: Lennart (L.F.) Hoogerheide
Supervisor(s): Professor H.K. van Dijk
Date: 29 June 2006

378 Meta-analytical studies in transport economics
Author: Martijn (M.R.E.) Brons
Supervisor(s): Professor Peter Nijkamp, Professor Piet Rietveld, dr. Eric Pels
Date: 18 May 2006

377 Voting in the Laboratory
Author: Jens (J.W.) Großer
Supervisor(s): Professor Arthur Schram
Date: 24 May 2006

376 The Influence of Powerful Firms on Financial Markets
Author: Erik (E.H.B.) Feijen
Supervisor(s): Professor Enrico Perotti, Professor Stijn Claessens
Date: 22 June 2006

375 On the Role of Personality Traits and Social Skills in Adult Economic Attainment
Author: Gerrit (G.) Müller
Supervisor(s): Professor Coen Teulings
Date: 13 March 2006

374 Determinants of Investment Behaviour: Methods and Applications of Meta-Analysis
Author: Mark (M.J.) Koetse
Supervisor(s): Professor P. Nijkamp, Professor R.J.G.M. Florax, dr. H.L.F. de Groot
Date: 14 March 2006

373 Health, Education and Economic Crisis: Protecting the Poor in Indonesia
Author: Robert (R.A.) Sparrow
Supervisor(s): Professor J.W. Gunning, dr. M.P. Pradhan
Date: 16 March 2006

372 The Role of Affect in Reciprocity and Risk Taking: Experimental Studies of Economic Behavior
Author: Astrid (A.) Hopfensitz
Supervisor(s): Professor F.A.A.M. van Winden
Date: 23 February 2006

371 Intangible Barriers to Trade: The Impact of Institutions, Culture, and Distance on Patterns of Trade
Author: Gert-Jan (G.J.M.) Linders
Supervisor(s): Professor P. Nijkamp, Professor P. Rietveld, dr. H.L.F. de Groot
Date: 14 February 2006

370 Fairness in the Lab. The Effects of Norm Enforcement in Economic Decisions
Author: Ernesto (E.R.) Reuben
Supervisor(s): Professor F.A.A.M. van Winden
Date: 16 February 2006

369 Essays on the Making and Implementation of Monetary Policy Decisions
Author: Beata (B.K.) Bierut
Supervisor(s): Professor C.G. de Vries, dr. J.M. Berk
Date: 16 February 2006

366 Stochastic Volatility and the Pricing of Financial Derivatives
Author: Antoine (A.P.C.) van der Ploeg
Supervisor(s): Professor H.P. Boswijk, Professor F.C.J.M. de Jong
Date: 10 February 2006