465 Essays on Empirical Asset Pricing
Author: Tse-Chun (T.-C.) Lin
Supervisor(s): Professor Joost Driessen, Professor Ludovic Phalippou
Date: 17 December 2009

464 Experiments in Decision-Making under Risk
Author: Michal (M.W.) Krawczyk
Supervisor(s): Professor Frans van Winden
Date: 28 October 2009

463 Incomplete Cartels and Antitrust Policy: Incidence and Detection
Author: Iwan Bos
Supervisor(s): Professor A.W.A. Boot, Professor M.P. Schinkel
Date: 20 November 2009

462 Consequences and Detection of Invalid Exogeneity Conditions
Author: Jerzy (J.) Niemczyk
Supervisor(s): Professor J.F. Kiviet
Date: 13 October 2009

461 Marine Insurance in the Netherlands 1600-1870, A Comparative Institutional Approach
Author: Sabine (S.C.P.J.) Go
Supervisor(s): Professor C.A. Davids, Professor B. Compaijen
Date: 10 December 2009

460 Adaption to Climate Change in Inland Waterway Transport
Author: Olaf (O.E.) Jonkeren
Supervisor(s): Professor P. Rietveld, Professor J. van Ommeren
Date: 29 October 2009

459 The Intra-household Allocation of Time
Author: Chris (C.P.B.J.) van Klaveren
Supervisor(s): Professor B.M.S. Praag, Professor H. Maassen van den Brink
Date: 2 July 2009

458 Essays on Finite Mixture Models
Author: Bram (A.) van Dijk
Supervisor(s): Professor R. Paap, Professor P.H.B.F. Franses
Date: 2 July 2009

457 Rationalised Panics: The Consequences of Strategic Uncertainty during Financial Crises
Author: Tijmen (T.R.) Daniëls
Supervisor(s): Professor H. Jager, Professor F.J.G.M. Klaassen
Date: 12 June 2009

456 Operations Research Models for Scheduling Railway Infrastructure
Author: Gabriella (G.) Budai-Balke
Supervisor(s): Professor R. Dekker
Date: 4 June 2009

455 Kahneman and Tversky and the Making of Behavioral Economics
Author: Floris (F.) Heukelom
Supervisor(s): Professor J.B. Davis, dr. H.B.J.B. Maas
Date: 29 May 2009

454 Econometric Studies to the Economic and Social Factors of Crime
Author: Suncica Vujic
Supervisor(s): Professor S.J. Koopman, Professor G.J. van den Berg
Date: 7 May 2009

453 The Influence of Sellers and the Intermediary on Buyers’ Trust in C2C Electronic Marketplaces
Author: Selmar (S.) Meents
Supervisor(s): Professor Y.H. Tan, dr. T. Verhagen
Date: 8 May 2009

452 Four Essays on Applied Microeconometrics
Author: Marta (M.I.) Lopez Yurda
Supervisor(s): Professor G.J. van den Berg, Professor M. Lindeboom
Date: 27 April 2009

451 Essays on the Measurement Sensitivity of Risk Aversion and Causal Effects in Education
Author: Adam (A.S.) Booij
Supervisor(s): Professor B.M.S. van Praag
Date: 9 April 2009

450 Expectation Formation in Dynamic Market
Author: Peter (P.) Heemeijer
Supervisor(s): Professor C.H. Hommes, Professor J. Sonnemans, dr. J. Tuinstra
Date: 29 January 2009

449 The Concept of Equilibrium in Different Economic Traditions: A Historical Investigation
Author: Bert (L.A.W.) Tieben
Supervisor(s): Professor H. Visser, Professor M. Blaug
Date: 12 March 2009

448 Poverty, Risk and Insurance: Evidence from Ethiopia and Yemen
Author: Lei (L.) Pan
Supervisor(s): Professor J.W. Gunning, Professor C.T.M. Elbers
Date: 27 February 2009

447 Social Influences on Individual Decision Making Processes
Author: Ferdinand (F.M.) Vieider
Supervisor(s): Professor P.P. Wakker, Professor H. Bleichrodt
Date: 13 February 2009

446 Advances in Monitoring the Economy
Author: Rene (R.) Segers
Supervisor(s): Professor Ph.H.B.F. Franses
Date: 29 January 2009

445 Derivatives in Dynamic Markets
Author: Amy (A.) Wong
Supervisor(s): Professor C.G. de Vries, Professor D.J. van Dijk
Date: 21 January 2009

443 Essays on Endogenous Economic Policy
Author: Isidoro (I.A.) Mazza
Supervisor(s): Professor F.A.A.M. van Winden
Date: 16 January 2009

442 Dynamic Econometric Analysis of Insurance Markets with Imperfect Information
Author: Tibor (T.) Zavadil
Supervisor(s): Professor J. H. Abbring
Date: 13 January 2009

436 Uncertainty in Individual and Social Decisions: Theory and Experiments
Author: Stefan (S. T.) Trautmann
Supervisor(s): Professor P.P. Wakker, Professor H. Bleichrodt
Date: 23 January 2009