640 Fat Tails in Financial Markets
Author: Lerby (M.L.) Ergun
Supervisor(s): Professor C.G. de Vries
Date: 22 December 2015

639 Profiling, Auditing and Public Policy: Applications in Labor and Health Economics
Author: Sandra (S.) Vriend
Supervisor(s): Professor B. Klaauw, Professor M. Lindeboom
Date: 10 Februari  2016

638 Essays on Forecasting and Latent Values
Author: Bert (L.P.) de Bruijn
Supervisor(s): Professor P.H.B.F. Franses
Date: 17 December 2015

637 Three Essays in International Trade and Development
Author: Taylan (T.E.) Yenilmez
Supervisor(s): Professor O.H. Swank, Dr. E.M. Bosker
Date: 27 November 2015

633 Essays in Panel Data Modelling
Author: Arturas (A.) Juodis
Supervisor(s): Professor H.P. Boswijk, Dr. M.J.G. Bun
Date: 20 November 2015

632 Heterogeneity in Response to Incentives: Evidence from Field Data
Author: Eszter (E.) Czibor
Supervisor(s): Professor R. Sloof, Professor C.M. van Praag
Date: 20 November 2015

631 Behavioral Economics and the Public Sector
Author: Matthias (M.G.) Weber
Supervisor(s): Professor A.J.H.C. Schram
Date: 17 November 2015

629 Multivariate Extensions to Discrete Choice Modeling
Author: Koen (K) Bel
Supervisor(s): Professor R. Paap
Date: 12 November 2015

627 Essays in Labor and Product Market Search
Author: Xiaoming (X) Cai
Supervisor(s): Professor P. A. Gautier
Date: 19 November 2015

626 Essays on Insurance and Health Economics
Author: Gosia (M.) Popławska
Supervisor(s): Professor P. A. Gautier, Professor B. van der Klaauw
Date: 12 October 2015

625 Estimation of Alonso’s Theory of Movements for Commuting
Author: Jacob (J.J.) de Vries
Supervisor(s): Professor J.N. van Ommeren, Professor B. van der Klaauw
Date: 4 november 2015

624 Interbank Lending Relationships, Financial Crises and Monetary Policy
Author: Falk (F.U.) Bräuning
Supervisor(s): Professor A. Lucas, Professor S.J. Koopman
Date: 7 September 2015

623 Topics in Applied Macroeconometrics
Author: Sjoerd (S.) van den Hauwe
Supervisor(s): Professor D.J.C. van Dijk, Professor R. Paap
Date: 24 September 2015

622 Political Actors Playing Games: Theory and Experiments
Author: Aaron (A.) Kamm
Supervisor(s): Professor A.J.H.C. Schram
Date: 28 October 2015

621 Regulating Financial Markets: Costs and Trade-offs
Author: Lucyna (L.A.) Gornicka
Supervisor(s): Professor S.J.G. van Wijnbergen
Date: 30 June 2015

620 Time Varying Risk Premium and Limited Participation in Financial Markets
Author: Xuedong (X.) Wang
Supervisor(s): Professor C. de Vries
Date: 18 June 2015

619 Endogeneity Matters – Essays on Cooperation and Coordination
Author: Anita (A.G.) Kopányi-Peuker
Supervisor(s): Professor T.J.S. Offerman, Professor R. Sloof
Date: 14 October 2015

618 Cooperation, Networks and Emotions: Three Essays in Behavioral Economics
Author: Boris (B.) van Leeuwen
Supervisor(s): Professor T.J.S. Offerman, Professor A.J.H.C. Schram
Date: 30 October 2015

617 Implementations of Tests on the Exogeneity of Selected Variables and their Performance in Practice
Author: Milan (M.P.) Pleus
Supervisor(s): Professor J.F. Kiviet
Date: 29 May 2015

616 Three Essays in Emperical Corporate Finance
Author: Guangyao (G.) Zhu
Supervisor(s): Professor I. Dittmann
Date: 11 June 2015

615 Financial System Architecture and Intermediation Quality
Author: Marius (M.A.) Zoican
Supervisor(s): Professor A.J. Menkveld
Date: 8 June 2015

614 Hierarchies, Communication and Restricted Cooperation in Cooperative Games
Author: Chris (C.) Dietz
Supervisor(s): Professor G. van der Laan, Dr. J.R. van den Brink
Date: 31 March 2015

613 Airport Pricing Policies: Airline Conduct, Price Discrimination, Dynamic Congestion and Network Effects
Author: Hugo (H.E.) Silva Montalva
Supervisor(s): Professor E.T. Verhoef, Dr. V.A.C. van den Berg
Date: 8 April 2015

612 The Industrial Organization of Transport Markets: Modeling pricing, Investment and Regulation in Rail and Road Networks
Author: Harry (A.H.) van der Weijde
Supervisor(s): Professor E.T. Verhoef, Dr. V.A.C. van den Berg
Date: 8 April 2015

611 Essays on High Frequency Financial Econometrics
Author: Xiye (X.) Yang
Supervisor(s): Professor H.P. Boswijk, Professor R.J.A. Laeven
Date: 16 June 2015

610 Entrepreneurship, Teams and Sustainability: a Series of Field Experiments
Author: Laura (L.) Rosendahl Huber
Supervisor(s): Professor C.M. van Praag, Professor R. Sloof
Date: 16 April 2015

609 Hitchhiking on the Road of Decision Making under Uncertainty
Author: Chen (C.) Li
Supervisor(s): Professor A. Baillon, Professor H. Bleichrodt. Professor P.P. Wakker
Date: 26 March 2015

608 The Impact of Aid on Total Government Expenditures
Author: Łukasz (Ł.M.) Marć
Supervisor(s): Professor C.T.M. Elbers, Professor J.W. Gunning
Date: 17 April 2015

607 The Value of Recreational Areas in Urban Regions
Author: Tom (T.C.A.P.) Gosens
Supervisor(s): Professor P. Rietveld †, Professor J. Rouwendal
Date: 2 March 2015

606 Unraveling Dimensions: Commodity Futures Curves and Equity Liquidity
Author: Dennis (D.) Karstanje
Supervisor(s): Professor D.J.C. van Dijk, Dr. W.W. Tham, Dr. M. van der Wel
Date: 26 March 2015

605 Incentives and Regulation in Banking
Author: Natalya (N.) Martynova
Supervisor(s): Professor E.C. Perotti
Date: 12 February 2015

604 Bounded Rationality and Learning in Market Competition
Author: Dávid (D.) Kopányi
Supervisor(s): Professor J. Tuinstra, Professor C.H. Hommes
Date: 13 February 2015

603 Information Technologies and Travel
Author: Sergejs (S.) Gubins
Supervisor(s): Professor E.T. Verhoef
Date: 9 February 2015

602 Essays on Nonlinear Panel Time Series Models
Author: Geert (G.) Mesters
Supervisor(s): Professor S.J. Koopman, Professor C.C.J.H. Bijleveld
Date: 16 January 2015

600 Economic Studies on Public Facility use
Author: Martijn (M.B.W.) Kobus
Supervisor(s): Professor P. Rietveld (†), Professor J.N. van Ommeren
Date: 9 January 2015