656 Measuring the Impact of Public Policies on Sosioeconomic Disparities in Health
Author: Bastian (B.) Ravesteijn
Supervisor(s): Professor E.K.A. van Doorslaer, Dr. J.L.W. van Kippersluis
Date: 19 May 2016

655 Essays on Strategic Communication
Author: Zara (Z.) Sharif
Supervisor(s): Professor O.H. Swank
Date: 2 June 2016

654 The Curse of Sovereign Dept and Implicationsfor Fiscal Policy
Author: Dennis (D.A.R.) Bonam
Supervisor(s): Professor E.J. Bartelsman
Date: 17 March 2016

653 The Rich Domain of Decision Making Explored: The Non-Triviality of the Choosing Process
Author: Tong (T.V) Wang
Supervisor(s): Professor P.P. Wakker, Professor H. Bleichrodt
Date: 26 May 2016

652 Issues in Climate Change Economics: Uncertainty, Renewable Energy Innovation and Fossil Fuel Scarcity
Author: Mark (M.K.) Kagan
Supervisor(s): Professor C.A.A.M. Withagen, Professor F. van der Ploeg
Date: 20 April 2016

651 Retirement Decisions, Job Loss and Mortality
Author: Jochem (J.R.) Zweerink
Supervisor(s): Professor M. Lindeboom, Dr. H.G. Bloemen, Dr. S. Hochguertel
Date: 5 April 2016

650 Resource Extraction and the Green Paradox: Accounting for Political Economy Issues and Climate Policies in a Heterogeneous World
Author: Karolina (K.A.) Ryszka
Supervisor(s): Professor C.A.A.M. Withagen, Dr. G.C. van der Meijden
Date: 20 April 2016

649 Topics on Social and Economic Networks
Author: Jia-Ping (J.P.) Huang
Supervisor(s): Professor G. van der Laan, Dr. I. Lindner, Dr. M.A.L. Koster
Date: 5 April 2016

648 Essays on Empirical Monetary Policy
Author: Wei (W) Li
Supervisor(s): Professor C.G. de Vries
Date: 4 February 2016

647 The Long Run Effects of a Bad Start
Author: Violeta (V.V.M.) Misheva
Supervisor(s): Professor H.D. Webbink, Dr. A.C. Gielen
Date: 21 April 2016

646 Essays on Preventive Care and Health Behaviors
Author: Hale (H) Koc
Supervisor(s): Professor T.G.M. van Ourti, Professor O.A. O’Donnell
Date: 11 March 2016

645 Essays on the Empirics of International Financial Markets
Author: Barbara (B.M.) Sadaba
Supervisor(s): Professor C.G. de Vries, Dr. L.C.G. Pozzi
Date: 21 January 2016

644 Essays on Systemic Risk
Author: Sander (S.) Muns
Supervisor(s): Professor C.G. de Vries
Date: 28 January 2016

643 Essays on Bayesian Model Averaging using Economic Time Series
Author: Richard (R.H.) Kleijn
Supervisor(s): Professor H.K. van Dijk
Date: 28 January 2016

636 Empirical Studies in Labor and Education Economics
Author: Nadine (N.) Ketel
Supervisor(s): Professor H. Oosterbeek
Date: 21 January 2016

635 Labor Market Policies and Job Search
Author: Paul (P.) Muller
Supervisor(s): Professor B. van der Klaauw, Professor P.A. Gautier
Date: 19 January 2016

634 Essays on Mismeasurement and Misallocation on Transition Economies
Author: Fujin (F.) Zhou
Supervisor(s): Professor E.J. Bartelsman, Professor R.H. Oostendorp
Date: 13 January 2016

630 Topics in Trans-boundary River Sharing Problems and Economic Theory
Author: Yuyu (Y.) Zeng
Supervisor(s): Professor G. van der Laan, Dr. H.E.D. Houba
Date: 12 January 2016

628 Making Real Options Credible: Incomplete Markets, Dynamics, and Model Ambiguity
Author: Lin (L.) Zhao
Supervisor(s): Professor S.J.G. van Wijnbergen
Date: 13 January 2016