Global Climate Change Policies; An analysis of CDM policies with an adapted GTAP model

PhD Thesis# 326
Dr. Shunli (S.) Wang
prof.dr. P. Nijkamp, prof.dr. E.T. Verhoef


This study on the economic aspects of climate change policies has focused, in particular, on Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) policies. CDM policies are relatively new environmental policies that acknowledge the relevance of technological change for dealing with environmental constraints. Another goal of CDM policies is to support the developing countries in their economic development towards energy-saving technologies. As the relationship between human activities and the physical environment is a convoluted one, and because of the ‘clash of ideas?within the economic sciences on this matter, this study first synthesized various approaches by providing a conceptual framework of the interaction between the economic and the ecological system, extended by spatial dimensions. This framework sets the context for the modeling of the CDM policies in the GTAP-E model. In addition, the translation of the stylized facts from simulation results into policy analysis enables us to discuss various economic processes that will be affected by the implementation of CDM policies, and the economic impacts of CDM policies for distinct groups of countries.

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