The future of old-age pensions: Its explosion and implosion

PhD Thesis# 346
Pedro (P.D.M.L.) Cardoso
prof.dr. B.M.S. van Praag


Given the ongoing demographic transition and labour market trends, old-age pensions are one of the most significant long-term economic challenges that developed countries face. This book attempts to provide qualitative insight into the problem of intergenerational transfers and the present pension problem, in particular, concerning the relative importance of funded and unfunded pension schemes for old-age income provision. A positive approach was followed, where the focus is on how the design of the pension system actually evolves. To tackle the topic, a theoretical political economy framework was built, i.e. account was taken of the fact that decisions on pensions belong to the realm of politics. As this book shows, old-age pension arrangements are endogenous outcomes, since they depend notably on the economic and demographic characteristics of societies, as well as on their political institutions and preferences.

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