The Economics of Networks: Theory and Empirics

PhD Thesis# 384
Dr. Marco Juri (M.J.) van der Leij
Prof. Sanjeev Goyal, Dr. Marcel Fafchamps


Wherever we are, networks are all around us. The roads that we travel form a network; the websites that we visit form an enormous information network; but, above all, we are part of a network ourselves, the network of social contacts and relations. The field of network economics tries to clarify the role of networks in economics. This thesis contributes to this research area by analyzing several issues, related to three types of networks: a network of collaborating economists, a network of job contacts, and a transport network. Each type of network covers a part of this thesis. This thesis shows with new theoretical and empirical techniques how network effects shape markets and societies, and how economic policy makers have to take these effects into account.

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