The Influence of Sellers and the Intermediary on Buyers’ Trust in C2C Electronic Marketplaces

PhD Thesis# 453
Selmar (S.) Meents
Prof. Y.H. Tan, Dr. T. Verhagen


Sellers and the intermediary (e.g., eBay Inc.) have an essential role in the functioning of a consumer-to-consumer (C2C) electronic marketplace. This means that the characteristics, actions and trustworthiness of both parties have to be taken into account in order to understand purchase behavior and buyers’ trust in C2C electronic marketplaces.
How and to what extent does buyers’ trust in sellers and in the intermediary influence purchase behavior in C2C electronic marketplaces? Moreover, how can sellers and the intermediary affect the formation of this trust? While answers to these questions would benefit theory as well as practice, relatively little scientific work has been done to provide them. In order to increase our knowledge of the development of buyers’ trust and its effect on purchasing in C2C electronic marketplaces, a series of studies were conducted. The results of these studies are presented in this dissertation.

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